The Entrepreneur’s Journey

Turn One Facebook Live Broadcast Into Multiple Pieces of High-Value Content

Rebecca Smith is both a mom and owner of Complete Performance Coaching. Already with two very demanding jobs of being both a mother and a business owner, she always makes time for her newborn and toddler. 

Rebecca continues to balance her work life with the rewarding challenges of raising children as she continues taking an active role in her company. She prioritizes time with her children while also focusing on growing her business to support her family. 

Her story is a very inspirational one because it proves that, with the right amount of planning, commitment, and effort, we can all find a way to juggle our duties and create a schedule and approach that works for everything we want to accomplish. 

Everyone has 24 hours in their day, but Rebecca has to split hers between family time and time working on her business. Most entrepreneurs have 40 hours a week, but Rebecca only has about half of that–and she uses it to get the same amount of work (and more) done.

Like most entrepreneurs, of course, Rebecca has faced some hurdles. Her main challenge was that she knew she had to create content, but she didn’t have the time to produce it. 

Mentoring & Memberships

Complete Performance Coaching has two wings to it. One side of the company teaches young athletes, while the other has developed into a membership site that reaches countless clients from all over. 

All of Rebecca’s content is geared towards membership but she also offers that one-on-one support for clients who need it. When she started, she knew she had to blog. She says it took forever, but she eventually came up with a system that enabled her to go from 1-2 a month to a weekly post on a consistent basis. Early on, her posts were 200 to 300 words in length and took her up to 2 hours each to write and edit. As soon as she began taking on clients, she couldn’t find the time to write any longer. She tried multiple approaches in order to fit the writing into her schedule, but to no avail.

Hiring a writer proved to be expensive and a hassle, with the results being short and vague. Finally, she decided to opt for a more in-depth approach where she took up to four hours or more to write a long form post. Those ended up proving to be very effective, gaining traction on social media. That’s when Rebecca’s business really took off. She found a very specific niche (i.e., gymnasts) and went in-depth into the topics. People loved it.

What She Learned

Fast forward one year, Rebecca had figured out the content types that worked for her, but it was only recently that she was finally able to conquer the issue of not being able to find time to write her posts while still spending time with her family and, of course, taking care of her clients.

Through her research, she found that a 2,000-word blog post would be the best for SEO. She also figured out how important it was to write consistently on a weekly basis, publishing her articles at the same time one specific day per week. However, while research was telling her she needed to be posting to social media every day and including custom images and videos, she was still trying to figure out how to find time to do it all. 

That’s when she came across a challenge. It was a five-day Facebook Live challenge proposed on one of the many marketing podcasts she had begun listening to, and now she uses Facebook Live consistently as a way to generate content for her site.

Her Content Solution

Ever since her five-day challenge, Rebecca has been using Facebook Live to create unique content while reaching her audience in a very engaging way. She committed to a specific time and day every week and created a toolkit as an opt-in to help build her list. She now has a system where she uses Facebook Live every single week for about 10-15 minutes and, in that short amount of time, she produces multiple formats of valuable content. 

The System

  • Rebecca goes live once a week to engage her followers on social media. 
  • She then hands the live recording over to her assistant who produces multiple pieces of content from it.
  • She has a YouTube video produced from it, building up another important channel so that she can reach more viewers.
  • The transcription of the video means a new weekly blog post complete with fantastic information.
  • She also embeds the video in the blog post for easy viewing.
  • She shares a podcast with a formal intro/outro and shows notes for the listeners. 
  • All of this content is repurposed and posted to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach an even broader network. It’s also sent as part of her email newsletters and used to build up her list. 

The Tools

After producing the live video, she hands it over to her assistant on who finds an editor to turn it into a Podcast and then send it to for a full transcription. They use WordPress to turn it into a blog post and then embed the YouTube video version into it. Hootsuite is used to share to social media while LeadPages is used to create an opt-in and ConvertKit is utilized so that the content can be marketed to the newsletter. Finally, is used for some snazzy graphic design to bring it all together. 

The Cost

With the help of OwnersUP, Rebecca has doubled her income and finally figured out a stress-free way to be a mom and a successful businesswoman. Her time and monetary investment have gone down to an incredibly low number while her revenues have grown substantially. 

The Time

By following a consistent format with help from some excellent connections, Rebecca has discovered just what works for her–and she’s only working 2 days a week as a result. All in all, Rebecca’s system is foolproof. She took the time to engineer something that works for her, and now she is constantly producing new members and clients every week with just two days of work and by putting just 15 minutes into producing content that used to take her hours. 

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