The Entrepreneur’s Journey

Explorations in building better businesses and entrepreneurs through self reflection and accountability.


Getting over perfectionism as an Entrepreneur

This is me demonstrating how to get over perfectionism -> see I didn’t even fix my hair or edit the video! Most Solopreneurs suffer from perfectionism How do you know you suffer from it? You agonize over details that…


Meet The Sounding Board You & Your Business Have Been Looking For

You’re an entrepreneur. Flying solo. Trying to build a real business. I see it all the time. What happens when you’re stuck? You start listening to podcasts. You start wondering about the direction you’re heading. You start bouncing ideas off of your dog… You do all these…


How To Create Freedom Through Structure in Your Business

Photo by Alexandre Croussette on Unsplash Let me guess. You started a business because you want freedom. You have all these ideas in your head, but everybody has ideas… What you lack is execution. Why? Because most of your day is spent in reaction mode. You’re…


Make your office, and desk, ergonomic

Paul’s (Owners^UP member) office setup Sitting at a desk all day might seem like the safest job in the world, but it may not be. Repetitive tasks day after day, or putting your body in a cramped position day after day, can have a very negative…


6 Time Management Tips for your Busy Schedule

Stop going in circles with your schedule, end the madness! Who has time for planning? I planned meetings and vacations but every minute of your day I thought was overkill and felt restraining. Why the heck would anyone do that? What about emergencies…


3 Ways to Shift to a Better Mood

Instant happiness: star jumps in scenic places There are natural flows in business, but as a business owner, it can get hard to deal with those peaks and valleys that come along. Knowing they will is not much help. At times you even get into a…


How Being Imperfect is Better for Your Business

You may not even realize that you are a perfectionist. You simply like things a certain way. The fewer flaws, the fewer weaknesses your business has. You tell yourself that you only have one shot at this, so make it perfect. But there comes a point when…


How to Use Streak CRM

So I am letting you in on my secret weapon, Streak!! Literally, game changer and makes me look like I am so on top of my game. I recorded a 9-min video setting up Streak Streak-CRM in your Inbox: The main reason I love…


Most Startups Should Be Deer Hunters

Small businesses should not target Fortune 500 companies and Startups in the early stages of their company. See the infographic to find out why. Do you agree?

Most StartUps Should be Deer Hunters


How to get referrals through Linkedin

First, you have to get over “I don’t want to bother people in my network issue” or the “feeling weird.” Once you are over those feelings and remember why you started your company then we are ready to roll. Most people in your network have no clue what you are…


Finding Equilibrium, Week by Week

In my first post, I laid out my vision for work/life equilibrium. The basic premise is that you achieve balance by intentionally pushing back against the forces in life that tend to take over. At the end of the post I asked you to consider the…


Finding Equilibrium Through Ritual

Looking to our life’s rhythms and routines to bring things into balance There has been an increasing amount of conversation around work/life balance, and this is fantastic. It’s a conversation we need to continue to have because, if you’ve tried to follow along, there are a…

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