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6 Time Management Tips for your Busy Schedule

Stop going in circles with your schedule, end the madness!

Who has time for planning? I planned meetings and vacations but every minute of your day I thought was overkill and felt restraining. Why the heck would anyone do that? What about emergencies or interruptions, how can anyone plan for that? I always disliked scheduling when I started my first company; dislike is too nice of a word. I hated it!

After feeling the not “enough time” & “burnt out” feelings, and lack of control, I changed my tune of scheduling equals burden to scheduling equals freedom & having it all. Now, I have time for working “on” my business, time with family & friends, working out, and travel.

OwnersUP members have changed their tune from “no, not scheduling” to “focus- freedom machine:”

  • They feel more focused and accomplished
  • They say “no” with confidence to projects that derail them from their goals.
  • They take guiltless 15 min breaks because they scheduled it!
  • They get a reality check to how much they can get accomplished in a week.

Here are tips to go from “out of control” to freedom:

  1. Plan your week at the end of day Friday when your week is fresh on your mind.
  2. Schedule the time to reflect — what worked / didn’t work for that week.
  3. Always schedule time for lunch
  4. Time block your calendar to five 1 hour blocks a day. This allows for 15min interruptions & flexibility.
  5. Always take 15 min breaks between 1hr blocks.
  6. Do the hardest project at beginning of the day so everything else is smooth sailing

I didn’t say it was easy to get into the habit. Like any good habit it takes commitment & patience. Your mind will be fighting with all its might to tell you it doesn’t work.

Steps to implement the habit and make it last:

  1. Find a group of people who also want to implement this habit
  2. Text/email each other with a screenshot of your weekly calendar — it is inspiring to see how others are doing it
  3. Share your progress and the difference it has made so you can continue positive momentum


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BONUS TIP: Set your call meetings after 2pm Monday through Thursday so you can serve your clients and do the tasks that take more concentration first part of the day. Leave Friday 9am to 2pm for people who can only do morning calls. Have AMY as your artificial intelligence assistant schedule your meetings. She has saved me over 5 hours a week on scheduling meetings.

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