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How to Use Streak CRM

So I am letting you in on my secret weapon, Streak!! Literally, game changer and makes me look like I am so on top of my game.

I recorded a 9-min video setting up Streak

Streak-CRM in your Inbox:

The main reason I love Streak is I am not signing into another program, it is all in my Gmail thus making it super easy for me to stay organized and take action.

How I use Streak:

Create pipelines - I have 2 pipelines but in this article we are only going to have the sales pipeline:

  1. Sales (track my sales process)
  2. Network (track and keep in touch with my network)

This is how I setup Sales Pipeline:


  • 1st Touch point (1st call or email to gauge interest or fit)
  • Qualified (meaning I qualified them and they are an ideal client)
  • Chasing (prospect said they were interested)
  • Won (Client signed contract and paid)
  • Not Qualified (they did not pass my ideal client qualifications)
  • Lost (prospect said no)


  • Name, Stage, Source, Referral Name, Notes, Company, Email, Magic Columns: Total email, Date of last email, Days in Stage, Freshness

Visual Pipeline

On the right side of your gmail you will see Pipeline . When you click on that you will see all your prospects and what stage they are on in. I visit this everyday. This is super powerful.

You can get really fancy with it, if you would like:

Keeping track of prospects/contacts


When I email a new person or a new person sends me an email immediately Add them to a box/pipeline (orange icon in upper left corner that says boxes.)


If I have a template email for the occasion I compose email email then

Click lower icon called “snippets” looks like a form and select the template email.

Here is where you have all your canned templates. Streak shows you an example here:

I have over 13 of them, my canned templates range from “thank you for the introduction” to “asking for a referral”.


I click on send button then I click on the Snooze button on the upper right corner and have it boomerang the email back to me in 3 days if she/he doesn’t reply back to me. This reminds me to follow up with her. Here is streak example:

Important Documents

There are times I want to know when someone viewed my email, I use this feature only for sending out contracts. It is really freaking effective, I no longer have to guess when the person viewed or if it got to them.

Orange Eye Icon on the bottom page let’s you see when a person has your viewed your email. Streak has a great visual on their site:

The day before a phone or live meeting

I use the Send-later feature in Streak (blue clock icon next to send button) to send an email the day before the meeting to confirm the meeting. This really makes me look like I am on top of my game. I use the canned template email for this one.

Streak has a great visual about send later:

Keep track of a prospect’s value and total prospects revenue

On the right side of your gmail you will see text box that says deal size, this is where you enter the value of the prospect. This helps you see the potential outstanding business you have.

Keep track of your emails

On the left side you will see right under Sent mail section all the emails you tracked or are awaiting reply. I like to check this section once a week.

Mail Merge Feature:

This feature is fancy. I am planning to use it next week.

Here is how it looks:

You can find it in your pipeline-sales/CRM, It is the upper left button More.

Follow UP after a meeting:

Steps I take:

  1. I create a new email when I am on the call and address the email to myself and subject line is the person.
  2. I send the email and add that thread to the person’s crm box
  3. Then I snooze the email to the time I would like to follow up with person.

Ok, so that is how I use Streak :)

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