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Getting over perfectionism as an Entrepreneur

This is me demonstrating how to get over perfectionism -> see I didn’t even fix my hair or edit the video!

Most Solopreneurs suffer from perfectionism

How do you know you suffer from it?

  • You agonize over details that most people will not even notice.
  • Your perception of “good enough” is not realistic based on your road map and resources
  • You procrastinate from even starting the project or goal because you don’t have everything written or thought out. Why start something if it’s not going to be perfect

The impact of perfectionism

  • Demoralizes you
  • You are paralyzed
  • You don’t get projects done
  • Depression
  • Drained
  • No momentum
  • Analysis paralysis

Ultimately, the only detrimental decision you can make for yourself and your business is to not make a decision at all.

Perfectionism reverses 80/20 rule Meaning instead of 20% of your work producing 80% results. You are agonizing 80% on things that are not even going to produce 20%.

One member of OwnersUP spent so much time editing his videos that it would take him about 1 month to get a video done. We challenged him to do a 4-min video each week for a month. Guess what! He got more subscribers, comments, and generated sales.

3 things to move you out of perfectionism

  1. Write down your goal and why you are doing it. Write on a sticky note “Done is better than perfect” and post it on your computer!
  2. Surround yourself with champions to inform you it’s good enough. Sometimes you just need outside perspective to remind you it’s good enough.
  3. Time yourself- give yourself a certain amount of time to get things done

Remember everything can be iterated.

And don’t forget…

“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” —General George Patton

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