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Using OwnersUP to Find The Perfect Professionals to Handle Your Marketing

Most people in the world of business openly admit that marketing is no easy feat. So why are you trying to juggle it yourself?  

Entrepreneurs always come to me saying they are managing their own Adwords or Facebook campaigns. They are usually in two camps. People in the first camp say, “I tried it and didn’t work for me” and people in the second camp say, “I am managing it and it’s doing fine.”

These same entrepreneurs are solo founders or might have a small team, but they do not necessarily have a marketing person–and that means they are doing it all by themselves.

Plus, even if they do have a marketing person, that individual is already stretched pretty thin between content, social media, and other aspects of the job.

Why Outsource?

The fact is, you have so much to do with your company, why would you want to teach yourself something new that will take so much time to become an expert on?

If you’re not in the business of running a marketing agency, you have no good reason to try and master the intricate concepts behind marketing. After all, the ranking algorithms change regularly and even professionals who watch it around the clock have to sprint to keep up.

The first camp will spend time taking online classes and learning new tools. That’s great, but wouldn’t your time be best spent prospecting and selling? Wouldn’t your ROI be better too?

I always say, if you have time, why not spend it on things to grow your business such as business development, strategic partnerships, etc? Those are the things only you can do as a business owner, so you should really put your focus on these valuable activities.

Now, I’ll sometimes hear an entrepreneur tell me that they tried to work with a marketing person and they got burned. Unfortunately, that does happen and that’s why you have to really vet marketers. However, just because you got burned doesn’t mean you simply stop trying to advertise or that you try to do it on your own.

I like to ask, did you stop dating after your first heartbreak?

I completely understand the feeling of not trusting someone again, but at OwnersUP, we don’t have that problem. The people we recommend on our platform are all members. That matters for two reasons:

  1. We actually know how the marketers’ business is doing since, on the OwnersUP platform, we track companies’ progress.
  2. Our members don’t want to disappoint another member.

OwnersUP Member Experiences

One of my members was doing Adwords on his own. He runs an online drone course and he taught himself how to do Adwords. He said he was doing great.

I asked him if it was worth his time and he said yes, but I asked him to check his account and he was actually losing money. His account was doing well but then all of sudden it wasn’t. He took my advice and hired an Adwords agency through OwnersUP. He is now doing 3x his ROI.

Another member of ours runs an online performance coaching platform for gymnasts. She was doing Facebook marketing on her own. It was working but I encouraged her to try someone else. Her ROI went from breaking even to 2x her ad spend.

Tips to Hire The Perfect Person

  • Know your ideal client.

  • Craft a call to action.
  • Ask their monthly management fee. Some start at $300 to $500 then it might become a percentage fee once you spend a couple thousand.
  • Gather a list of competitors.
  • For Facebook, gather a list of groups they can target.
  • Build a landing page. Don’t’ take visitors to your homepage unless it has a call to action above the fold.
  • Install Google Analytics on your site.
  • Figure out your cost per acquisition for leads and for sales.
  • Consider if you close deals on site or call.

Stop thinking you are saving money by doing it yourself and find someone else to manage your marketing. Use OwnersUP to discover the best professionals who can help you save time and meet new marketing goals.

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